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. take 20% of their dough. hard to say. this much is not. it is going to happen. because the government needs the dough. if they still want to get european union dough. it gets weird and complicated. desperate to stay in the euro club. does this ring a bell? it should. no one is taxing the bank holdings, thanks to obamacare, they are going after the other assets. 3.7% on investment sales larger than 100,000 grand. the next time you try to sell your house, trust me. you will hit the roof. think about that. tax not on your income, earned or unearned but your assets. what you have, what you own. your tangible assets. home here, bank account there. is there difference? no. no difference between american government taxing you for medical devices and what it deems as a medical insurance plan. taxing you not on what you make but what you have. the stuff you attain through life of work no, matter when you work or how much you made when you work. stuff you got now. to government, it sees that you have it now and it wants it now and wants you to pay up now. feel for the cri produce citizens who c
want to be? you want to be an individual. you don't want to be part of the government. strive for achievement. how cool is that? that is what you get out to young people today. ref ject government influence. how simple is that? >> eric: is it smart for the g.o.p. and reince priebus is a say we have an autopsy report about what went wrong in the election? >> dana: i think so. there is a lot in the report, 219 recommendations. i don't know why they couldn't have made it, come up with one more. maybe 220. but 219 may be more catchy. i agree on the point every party goes through this. what rush was saying, i remember talking to president bush 41 to ask him is he worried about the future of the republican party. he said look in 1992 after he lost, it took a while for republicans to get their footing but they did after two or three years. they come back in 1994, win big time. same thing in 2010. unshaky. clinton wins again in '96. come back and the republicans have the white house for eight years. there is something in this report that is interesting and bears a discussion on both s
with criminals more in debt a decade from now. it's true. the government is still growing no, matter what we do now. you don't hear that, of course, because it's not flashy or exciting or bloody. it doesn't sound exciting that paul ryan is slowing the pace of government. but paul ryan forcing millions to go on food stamps or pushing granny off a cliff -- i just heard this one. he is actually killing thousands of seniors. that is wrong. so i know. that the club. there is nothing wrong with having a point of view but everything wrong not bringing up all the point of view. it takes two parties to tango. so you can't just blame one. or one side is stubborn or jeopardizes a deal but the other is not when it jeopardizes the same deal because it opposes spending cuts. i know i keep pounding this, again and again. a lot of you seem to think it gets old. the only reason i do so, day in and day out is to remind everyone that it is through the prism of the media that we get a sense of what is going on. my fear is what is not going on. what is reported poorly. we have ware of the media that gloms on to the
? or is it both? >> dana: thank you. i think that is the issue. i do not think you can run and govern a country band the leader of the free world if all you worry about is how they will vote if they get citizenship. you can give them everything else and not the one thing they want to be part of the free nation. to me that is unacceptable. i think there is a price to be paid. i have a husband who went through the legal immigration piece and he sat, had to take days off of work. believe me, the ins pretended he didn't exist. the i.r.s. found him immediately. take days off work and sit in the front row and have to spend hours waiting in order to get this. we are educated people with means. and resources. it's that difficult for us. the system is broken. not only that, if the high-tech companies really want to fulfill the jobs they have, that they say, however there are, 80,000 that microsoft put out the other day, that in the industry they don't have enough engineers, they are not going to be able to get that bill passed through this congress. thinking pragmatic i. will they won't get it done with
't help the case at all. >> greg: obama's governing reason is petulance. he like a sulking kid that won't come out because mom and dad took away the ipod. tall sequestions ration consequences are all in places that actually -- sequestration consequences hurt us and they don't have. we read about the programs. there is a program sponsoring duck mating habits. i won't get into it because it's graphic. but so much money and it's happening in places that the criminal criminals were investigated for human trafficking. maybe this is a new trade agreement between you and the mexico. fast and furious. >> bob: every 24 hours, 1400 illegals are exported back to their country. more than any other administration. >> andrea: bob, when you have a good fact like that, which you said repeatedly, doesn't it negate the positive action they take when releasing illegals? >> bob: i told you it was politically tone deaf. is it. but it covers up a very important point. which is they are doing their maximum that budget allows them to send back every single day 1400. >> dana: they use the stat that bob used. wh
to be chained to government dependency. all the guys have to find that. it makes them sick. >> eric: can i throw something in here? one of the issues here with dr. carson for me, as a conservative, he is not as conservative as the real conservatives out there would like him to be. issues on the second amendment will be problem mattic if he wants to run for president. end of story. his immigration issues may be a problem as well. he has a tough road. the big question, can the g.o.p. win from the moderate part of the spectrum? >> bob: let me make a point about rand paul. he is now going to iowa, always the first step. he has also hired some very good and interesting consultants, presidential level consultants. it take it to me he is getting serious. >> dana: oh, no. not consultants! i thought they were you know what under the sun. >> bob: some of them are good. this is interesting to me. >> eric: listen to dr. carson at cpac. talk about racism and race. a very refreshing take on this. listen. >> you know, reporter once asked me why i didn't talk a lot about race. i said because i'm a neurosurgeon.
for government seizures above 40%. it's called bail-in. a leader stepped down. did iraq knowingly allow iranians to use the air space? 400,000 to study duck junk. there are bizarre expenditures that you are covering. don't miss a moment of the what to cut series? will republicans and democrats find common ground on the budget? and we have a million dollar weekend but we explain on "special report" from washington coming up. ♪ ♪ >> greg: on friday, kid zone page posted this quote. our attitude toward ourselves should be to be insatiable and learning and toward others to be tireless in teaching. they took it down and replaceded it with this. sorry there is no quote of the of the today. yes, that is the department of education. pretty scary. this is not the human fault but it's the apparatus. if only mao felt that way, he wouldn't have killed million of people. as the minnesota state university picked bill ayers as scholar and showed work in justice. ayers dedicated his book "the prairie fiery" to robert kennedy assassin. sisirhan sirhan. as long as dirt bags like ayers are endured, how live? e
town for the easter recess. president obama is in jordan tonight. you may have heard the government made a huge purchase of ammunition. you may have also heard there is sinister reason behind it. we have look at the facts. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ freddie university of tennessee announceed they changed positions. won't support a stunt-led sex week. the x-rated exhibition have events i can't mention here because my mom is watching and she expects more from me. but still, the college is allowing up to 7 grand from students to help pay for this. mom and dad are the ones getting screwed. here is why. stuff like this is introduced on campus, not to inform anyone but to blow your mind with the organizers' candid approach to sexuality. whoa! you aren't shocking nip except for people like me who find the idea of you naked is nauseating. this is creating a facade of rebellion where there is up in. this is college. real rebillion is watching fox news. or buying my book "joy of hate." i haven't done that in a while. w
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)